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2016 Winners and Finalist

Peace Pals International traveled to Florianópolis, Brazil to participate in The World Peace Forum.  There we were able to announce to over 2000 people who participated in this years World Peace Forum. 

Announcing the Winners of the 2016 Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards.

This year we received thousands of works of art from children all over the globe.
The Theme for 2016:  “Oneness with Diversity - The Fuji Declaration"

The winners were announced at the 10th annual World Peace Forum in Florianópolis, Brazil.
Announcing Age 5 through 7 Winners
Donata - Hong Kong
Teresa - Germany
Liz - Peru
Announcing Age 8 through 10 Winners
Thaer - Jordan
Sofia - Paraguay
Luis - Spain
Announcing Age 11 through 13 Winners
Raiza - Brazil
Matias - Argentina
Edward - Philippines
Announcing Age 14 through 16 Winners
Gatis - Latvia
Nahuel - Uruguay
Tomas - Germany

20 pieces of artwork were selected from each age category as FINALISTS with the top 10 Finalist being selected.  The first, second and third place winners were then selected by a panel of International Judges.